Hybrids – Align Your Purpose Format

Typically, the format for living a purpose or of an intention is driven by the culture within which the life is being lived… in this case…the Earth Plane. As a Hybrid, you may well find a very unique format best supports the achievement of your intentions or purpose(s).

However, We, the Mountains of the World, would like to encourage you in this one area to be a bit conservative in regard to the Format in which you live your purpose…your intention.

Purpose Formats vary as much as the purpose and intention for living the purpose.

Purpose Formats not in alignment with the culture in which they are being lived may well create conflict with the culture due to the percentage of humans who continue to inhabit the earth plane.

Intending at least a modicum of format alignment is beneficial!

Creating this modicum of alignment of Purpose Format can be achieved through the following process:

  1. Identify the aspect of the earth culture that is limiting or restraining you from living your purpose. These limitations or restraints typically revolve around manifesting.
  2. Once you have identified the elements restraining, proceed to determine how to reformat how you are living your purpose and identify where the new format is or is not in alignment with the earth culture you inhabit.  As an example – If your purpose format is a bit flamboyant and you are living in a very ‘traditional’ location, you might consider a physical move to a less constrained location or a less flamboyant format.
  3. Determine if this is the best manner to proceed forward or if additional refinement/balance with the earth culture would be beneficial. Depending upon your purpose/intention, the degree of required alignment may be significant or slight.  Your inner knowing will provide this information.
  4. Not finding the balance needed for the purpose/intention (and yes, there may be different balance points depending upon the purpose/intention), creates a significant misalignment with the earth culture and may not allow the purpose or intention to have the desired impact.
  5. And finally, creating the necessary alignment without losing your own self awareness also keeps the physical body you inhabit safer on the Earth Plane. We thought you would like that aspect of format alignment.

As a Hybrid, you have purpose/intention driven aspects of yourself which affect many planets and solar systems.  For those of you currently in the physical on the Earth Plane, the vast majority of your aspects impact the Earth Plane.

  • Designing a Purpose Format that aligns well with the Earth Plane results in you achieving a purposeful life.
  • Operating from a Purpose format that does not align well may create results without benefit for the earth plane or yourself.

Your Purpose Format is uniquely yours! Create wisely!


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