Hybrids During a Time of Transition – Relationships

An additional aspect of Hybrid beings We, the Mountains of the World, would like to discuss is that of Relationships.

For Humans, significant relationships are intended to be lovely, limiting, learning platforms. The are platforms of mirroring of each other and learning ‘life dance steps’ with each other.

If, as a Human leaves one relationship and moves to the next, you perceive the functional aspects of the new relationship to be very similar to the functional aspects of the prior relationship (only the face and name have changed), it is because the Human seeking the second relationship has not ‘learned/experienced/grown’ in the past relationship.  Thus, they re-enter a very similar relationship to continue the learning.  This re-entry is generally guided by the soul rather than the conscious human.

What Humans call the ‘blame game’ in relationships is the outcome of neither party learning and growing in the relationship yet knowing, again, whether conscious or unconscious, that they as a soul came to learn/experience/grow.

Long significant Human relationships are typically the result of…

  • Completion of the souls intended experiencing/learning/growth coupled with a comfortable familiarity;
  • The growth being incomplete, and the souls having the wisdom to recognize it and continuing the process without interruption or the ‘blame game’;
  • The desire to hide from future growth and remaining in the relationship as a ‘safe haven’ from growth.

We recommend you review your significant relationships at this time.  They are an indicator of the choices you are making regarding your growth and awareness.

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