Hybrids During a Time of Transition – Relationships Continued

We have spoken about Human relationships…now let Us discuss Hybrids in relationships with Humans.  Please note, as We discuss this, We are always referring to significant relationships.  We define ‘significant relationships’ as relationships with beings that create learning/experiencing/growth.  These may be many years long or a few moments.

Hybrids in significant relationships with Humans have choice.  For some, keeping the cultural norm, the status quo, is beneficial – for others it is not.

For less complex relationships, the ebb and flow of joy within the relationship may increase to the point of either party feeling ‘alone’. This feeling is about transition and the percentage of Humans to Hybrids.  Hybrids are seldom frustrated with other Hybrids who are in awareness or Lumans.  Frustration comes from learning/growing/experiencing interactions with Humans, especially those of a lower evolutionary level and of fellow Hybrids who are not willing to awaken.

For Hybrid beings, relationships are lovely and result in the expansion of possibilities – the merging of two energies in concert.  This can be with a current relationship or with new relationships. And is true for all significant relationships.

As an aware Hybrid, you most likely beginning to feel the difference and perhaps even beginning to have little patience with Humans!  This tends to be a result of either misplaced ego or the awareness that You have not been growing as You, the Soul, intended.

Some of you Hybrids tend to be seekers of growth/experiences/learning and have the tendency to skip from one relationship to the next.  For Hybrids, these relationships may be in the physical or the non-physical realms.

For those of you just awakening to your Hybrid-ness, the first step to understanding the reason you are in the relationship (any significant relationship) is to believe in the possibility of the new relationship reality…a reality of the merging of energies rather than the dance of energies.

Many Hybrids not currently in a significant relationship, and yet seeking them – intuitively following their path to growth and experiencing – may be attracted to either other Hybrids or Lumans (Angels/Extraterrestrials/Aliens).

As an awakened and aware Hybrid, begin to acknowledge those relationships in your life that you are learning/growing/experiencing in alignment with your Soul’s intended path.  Recognize and acknowledge.

As an awakened and aware Hybrid, begin to acknowledge those relationships in your life that are Not assisting you in learning/growth/experiencing.  Acknowledge, recalibrate the frequency of the relationship, and then determine the degree of continued physical interactions you intend.

Neither type is inherently good or bad…it is the balance that is of importance.  Find the balance within your relationships that serves you at your Soul level.  Life will become more ‘de-life-full’ when you do!

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