Hybrids During a Time of Transition – Relationship to Outcomes

You, as an awakened and aware Hybrid, may be finding life a very different experience with the frequency transitions and your new awareness.  This is true in a wide number of areas – one of those being your relationship to outcomes.

By this, We, the Mountains of the World, are referring to the difference in the drivers toward outcomes and the satisfactions you are receiving from achieving outcomes.

For Hybrids, there is a distinct difference in the driver for nearly every outcome.  You, as a Hybrid, are no longer driven by the need for outside acceptance and recognition…the recognition you desire comes from an inner source…your Soul.

For Hybrids, there is a distinct difference in the satisfaction you receive from achieving outcomes. You, as a Hybrid, receive satisfaction NOT by victory over another or by doing something that is (in the Human arena) right.  Rather, you achieve satisfaction through your awareness of the outcome being in alignment with the Universal intention.

Said differently, one you have awakened, you find outcomes satisfying from the perspective of your Luman Soul DNA!

We are sharing these differences because many of you are finding living in your Hybrid-ness to be confusing and in conflict with the manner you have lived in this earth plane iteration thus far.

Becoming aware that your Hybrid relationships to drivers and outcomes are one of the many aspects of ‘different’ you are now experiencing as you live into your Hybrid knowing!

As We stated at the very beginning of this information sharing…Trust Your Hybrid Knowing!

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