Hybrids During a Time of Transition – Money/Finances

Oh, and We do not want to forget to discuss the shifts the frequency transition is having on your Hybrid relationship to money and finances.

As your Hybrid self, you are beginning to consider money, more specifically the financial flow of money in your physical existence as different from the energy of money you understood from your Human perspective.

Your Hybrid self is now beginning to recognize the financial flow in your physical earth life as interwoven with energy and created with energy other than physical exertion.  This does not mean that choosing to continue to earn money by the cultural norms of earth is a bad thing.

Rather…it is to say that you can begin to energy barter – using energy as a barter element. This is in comparison to energy barter that is currently the norm on the earth plane in which the energy barter is based on outcomes. At the enhanced frequency and with your Hybrid knowing, you are now able to engage in energy barter!

A place to begin might be with bartering your energy with the Cosmos – the cosmic world of Lumans.  Begin to barter with the Cosmos in terms of what you provide (energy) and what you desire (financial flow/support/anything).

This is an awareness the Cosmic elements are seeking from hybrids!

Once you begin to accept the energy you commit and the value you bring, you are then able to request barter in kind.

As it is an energy barter, the Cosmos (also referred to the Cosmic field of All Possibilities) can convert to whatever medium you desire if it is other than energy (energy is one of the barter elements).

The Cosmos is very capable of bartering with physical earth money, with additional support in whatever format you request; with connections to other realms and with capabilities especially when they are in mutual benefit to all.

The limitation many of you have placed on the creation of money (Human perspective) has created a lack of such when in fact ALL you are doing as a Hybrid to support the Universe/Cosmos/Divine…the All has the possibility of creating an overabundance of nearly anything you might desire.

We, the Mountains of the World, recommend you spend some time reading, re-reading, and engaging this information into your Hybrid-ness.  We recognize you have spent many life iterations living under the old money/finances paradigm and it may take a bit of absorption to replace the old with the real!

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