Hybrid During a Time of Transition – Experiencing Time Differently

Time is linear and slow (or fast).

Time is limiting and creates a structure in which actions and outcomes must fit.

Time requires that shifts must necessarily fit within the confines of the time structure and of the restricted thinking of society.

This is the Human thinking of and experiencing of time.

However, We, the Mountains of the World, are here to tell you that this narrow, restrictive perspective of time need not be the relationship to time that You, an awakened and aware Hybrid need to accept!

In fact, for an awakened and aware Hybrid

  • time and space become very different and are not limited nor restricted;
  • age need no longer be a time limitation;
  • frequency shifting or jumping need no longer be a space perspective or limitation.

We recommend that You, the Hybrid You, begin to recognize the limitation of a life confined by the structure of time.

With your acceptance of this realization, you can begin to gently make shifts as if time were not linear and limiting.

Gently making these shifts will necessarily create a dynamic of simultaneously being both in and out of alignment with your current earth paradigm.

A gentle approach is highly recommended because balance is necessary…necessary to be able to simultaneously live on the earth plane in a linear time energy and in a non-linear Cosmic time energy.

At this time, We recommend you begin to consider these possibilities related to non-linear time and how it might affect your earth bound perspective.  Spend some linear time considering such.

Listen to your Human-ness try to tell you this is not safe…not possible…not, not, not.

Then listen to your Hybrid Knowing!

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