Hybrid During a Time of Transition – Experiencing Time Differently

Now that you have taken the step to consider experiencing time differently, We, the Mountains of the World, would like to share the process We recommend you take to move into this new dynamic world.

This living is a bit tricky as time is even more basic to your Human experience than the creation of money or finances. It is for this reason that We recommend you seek assistance from the Universal beings.  You each carry Luman Soul DNA…therefore you are a part of the Luman family.

Seek Luman assistance as you begin to live in both time realities; as you begin to balance the two forces of time energy.

Do so in the same manner you sought support when you first learned to ride a bicycle.

  • Many Hybrids have forgotten this skill of balancing the time energies – forgotten not lost.
  • The limitation of time affects the perspective of space and what is possible to see.
  • Once the time perspective is shifted, the space perspective necessarily must shift and the ability to physically see in multiple realms is expanded exponentially.

By learning how to balance these two ‘time realities’ (and yes there are more), you, the Hybrid, are able to easily and instantly assess which time reality to be in for any moment! This ability to shift in any moment in deemed by many Hybrids as necessary to survive on the earth plane.

Accept – Experience – Seek Assistance – and Enjoy!

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