Engaging the Innate Aspects of Lumans

We, the Mountains of the World, hear you often speak about ‘inner work’ either with a deep sigh or with a sense of ‘look at me…how good I am!’.

We would like you to know that We consider this concept a Human concept…Not a Hybrid concept.

The concept We would like to introduce you to is that of ‘Inner Play’.

Let us begin this introduction by sharing with you a bit about the Innate Aspects of Lumans.

Lumans, by their sheer and innate nature, live in and with a sense of joy, exploration, unlimitedness, peace, calm, curiosity and, of course, love.

Therefore, it follows that souls who have any Luman Soul DNA would have these same aspects of their nature to one degree or another.  The extent of your Luman Soul DNA determines, to a great degree, the extent of living in the innate place of the Luman world.

We, would like you to now reflect upon the times in your life when…

  • You perceived delight while those around you only saw sorrow;
  • You wanted to dance with ecstasy while those around sat silent;
  • You wanted to giggle aloud when the Humans around you bemoaned the situation.

This reflection will support you in reconnecting to your Luman heritage.

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