Continuing to Engage the Innate Aspects of Lumans

We, the Mountains of the World, remind you that as a Hybrid, you carry many of the aspects of Luman.  You carry joy, exploration, wonder, peace, calm, un-limitedness in all aspects, curiosity, love and many more wonderful uplifting perspectives of life.

The more Luman Soul DNA, the more you live in…

  • Joy – endless, unquenchable, life-giving;
  • A sense of un-limitedness – of self, of others, of possibilities;
  • Peace and Calm – knowing, even in the most difficult and chaotic of times, that life is good and balanced and always moving in the right directions;
  • Trust;
  • Curiosity;
  • And a deep unshakable Knowing that all is Well in the Universe even when all around you appears to be falling apart. You simply Know!

For Us, the Mountains of the World, the Seas of the Earth, the Sky’s above, the lack of and/or distinctly limited extent of these aspects provide a very easy determiner for who is Human.

Human – Down trodden, Negative, Limited, and Fearful!

Hybrid, and Luman – Joyful, Peaceful, Unlimited and Trusting!

If you are drawn to read this information, you most likely have a degree of Luman Soul DNA.

If you are still living in lack, fear, deprivation, and all things Human, We, the Mountains of the World, highly recommend you rethink your innate nature…

And Stop Playing Human!

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