Humans Approaching Hybrids in Inner Play

As you, the awake and aware Hybrid, engage in Inner Play, your relationship to Humans will actually improve.

Currently, the Humans you interface with are frustrated by your lack of genuineness…and they don’t even know that.  They simply know that something is amiss and cannot identify what it is.

The sooner you step into the aspects of you that reflect your Luman Soul DNA, honor those aspects, and relate to the world around you via those aspects, the sooner you will create an easier earth existence.

It may seem counter-intuitive…that is only because you think you are hiding well!

We, the Mountains of the World, repeat….

  • Stop eluding yourself…as an awake and aware Hybrid, you cannot hide your uniqueness;
  • Due to this, you are best served for yourself and for your Human relations, to acknowledge your uniqueness;
  • Acknowledge and live into your uniqueness; accept your Hybrid talents; begin to be who you came into this iteration to be!

With this acceptance, with replacing your Human learned traits with your Hybrid innate traits, you move closer to living as your authentic self…and the sooner you can begin ‘Inner Play’.

We, the Mountains of the World, encourage you to accept, acknowledge, and honor…all that you are intended to be and can be!  Enjoy.

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