Hybrids IN Inner Play

Once You accept your Luman Soul DNA – to whatever extent you possess such;

Once You connect with the aspects, traits and talents of the Hybrid you are;

Once You live in the world you currently inhabit as the Hybrid you are;

Then you are ready to release ‘Inner Work’ and embrace ‘Inner Play’!

The Inner Work you have been engaged with is a Human experience of evolution.  It is beneficial, typically embraced by more advanced Humans, and in general a very good experience…if you are Human.

You are only partially Human…and partially Luman!

You are Hybrid.

Due to this, you are benefitted by engaging in Inner Play.  And the next step to engaging in Inner Play (after those mentioned in Our previous conversations) is to release all connections to the Third Dimension…the Dimension of Earth and other Cosmic Planets.

How, you might ask? Simple, We, the Mountains of the World reply…simply step into your Hybrid knowingness! Adjust your perception of Self from a Human Self to your true Hybrid Self!  Simple!

Accept – Move into Inner Play – Engage Your Hybrid Purpose

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