Releasing the Third Dimension

We, the Mountains of the World, shared how valuable it is for you, the awake and aware Hybrid, to release your commitment to the third dimension.  Releasing your commitment does not mean you will float off into the space of the fourth dimension.

Connecting to your fourth-dimension self allows you to engage even more of yourself while keeping the part of you who functions in the third dimension (your Human Self elements).  It is the best of all worlds…uh, We mean ‘dimensions’!

Releasing the Third Dimension allows you to:

Engage in other Dimensions and all of the experiencing of those Dimensions;

Connect to the Third Dimension only when you choose to or when it is more valuable for you to do such;

To engage in your Inner Play – the Play that creates the ‘field’ for your expansion of self; your exponential ease in living in the physical; your own evolution!

And releasing the Third Dimension is as easy as taking off a safety belt…a seat belt…a leash and collar!

We recommend you try it – in a safe place; at a time when you are engaged in wonder – and know that you can always return to your self-created ‘earth harness’ whenever you so desire.

Hybrids love new experiences…Go Experience!

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