Hybrids Engaging Humans

We, the Mountains of the World, know that what we are encouraging…Inner Play…may well have some rather challenging feedback aspects.

As a Hybrid who lives in Inner Play, you may well be challenged by those living in fear and doubt and depression with the state of the world.  Though their fear and anger, they may well challenge anything or anyone who is not being negatively impacted by the frequency shift. 

In fact, as an Aware Hybrid, you are being positively impacted and that has the possibility of bringing out the absolute worst in many Humans.

When confronted, simply ask questions like:

How is that thought/fear/worry/concern serving you and or those whom you care about?

Why do you choose to focus on the thought/fear/worry/concern?

To try to explain your perspective on the situation is futile. Without both Luman Soul DNA and awareness, the perspective you will be sharing is simply ‘unreachable’ and ‘beyond comprehension’.

We recommend you simply assist them in listening to themselves as you ask the questions, we have recommended…and only ask them if the individual is in a mental place which would allow for reflection.

Onward, Hybrid Soldiers!

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