Interfacing with Humans when in Inner Play

We, the Mountains of the World, acknowledge the challenge of living in Inner Play when all around you are Humans in fear and doubt and worry and/or self-denial.

While You, you silly Hybrid, have the audacity of dancing through life in Inner Play!

As an aware Hybrid, your role as you engage in Inner Play, is very simple…

You are a beacon of possibility;

A light to shine in the darkness;

And an example of joy!

In your role of Advanced Hybrid Being, you are the balance with the dark in the world.  You and other Hybrid beings have always been that balance.  During the previous times, the difference has been less noticeable…the width of the span between Humans and Hybrids has been less noticeable.

The difference today is the impact of the frequency shift that all Earth beings, whether Human or Hybrid, are experiencing.  This frequency shift has now reached the tipping point and the differences are startling. 

Humans are experiencing a greater amount of Fear;

Awake and Aware Hybrids are becoming less and less connected to the fear and more and more in the joy moment.

 This difference – the chasm between fear and joy – is leading to an ‘uncomfortable beingness’ for many Hybrids. 

We, the Mountains, encourage You, the aware and awake Hybrid,

to release any discomfort;

to flow into your knowingness;

and enjoy the world of Inner Play.

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