Hybrids Living in Inner Play

We, the Mountains of the World, want to make it perfectly clear that at no time is a Hybrid in Inner Play insensitive, reckless, unaware or uncaring.

Rather, a Hybrid in Inner Play

  • is connected beyond the Third Dimension;
  • perceives the experiences of the Third Dimension from a multitude of other Dimensions,
  • and therefore, acknowledging a wealth of other perspectives and possible outcomes.

Hybrids in Inner Play set an example for the souls who choose to engage with them and pay attention to their life choices. 

You, the Hybrid living in Inner Play, simply through your choice of Inner Play, offer a very challenging human condition a glimpse of another possibility.

You, as a Hybrid living in Inner Play, have the ability to affect the human condition.

True, Humans cannot live in Inner Play the way a Hybrid can.  And, simply knowing there is another option offers evolved humans and Hybrids who have not yet awoken the chance to experience a less difficult human experience.

We encourage You, the Hybrid being, to live in Inner Play!

To become the model of possibility the Human population needs at this time.

Imagine the impact you have as a Hybrid engaged in Inner Play!

  • The Fun!
  • The Joy!
  • The Impact!

Just Imagine.

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