Living in Inner Play

We, the Mountains of the World, encourage you, now that you understand (and hopefully have become practiced) in affecting frequency transitions and have released your compulsion to connect to the Third Dimension, to being to live in Inner Play.

What does living in Inner Play look like?

It looks like (if you are masquerading as an earth human)

  • An individual who lives life to the fullest:
    • A person for whom life just seems to work out effortlessly;
    • A being who dances through life while others struggle;
      • laughs while others cringe;
      • smiles even when all seems at the worst;
      • is curious in the face of shame and doubt;
      • loves when it does not seem safe or appropriate;
      • and continues to believe in the positive when all around appears to have been lost!

From the Human perspective, a Hybrid in Inner Play

  • may appear reckless and unaware of what is really going on;
  • may appear uncaring to the human condition and its impact;
  • may seem totally disconnected from the reality of life.

And this perspective is all true to some extent…because Inner Play requires a relinquishment of defining self as living only in the Third Dimension.

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