Frequency Transitions – Your Hybrid Legacy

Your Hybrid ability to easily and instantly create frequency shifts and transitions is truly one of your Hybrid legacies.  This talent, shared by all Hybrids, is one of both value and responsibility.

  • To live as the Hybrid you are is to note what frequency you have shifted to in any moment.
  • To be aware of your ability to shift to low frequency and live in your limited world of the Human.
  • To be aware of your ability to instantly shift back to the frequency of your unlimited world of Hybrid.

We, the Mountains of the World, advise you that this ability to easily and instantly shift can create the outer appearance of a form of psychosis, a disconnect from reality.  For this reason, We highly recommend you spend time alone as you ‘practice shifting frequencies.  We perceive no value in having this talent create earth plane challenges for you in your physical iteration.

  • Practice shifting frequencies in a safe space;
  • Notice which of your thoughts seem to create the most dynamic shifts;
  • Learn to recognize the feelings in your physical body when you create these shifts;
  • Experience the difference in your thinking and perceptions with each shift you create. 

Remember, Recognize and Accept….

            This ‘transition stuff’ is happening at your own pace!

            You do have control of both the accelerator and the brake!

You have easy access and ability to create your frequency as your Hybrid self!

Connect to your Hybrid self and experience the thrill of being who you are…an amazing Hybrid being.

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