The Increasing Aggressive Energy

We, the Mountains of the World, wish to address the impacts of Aggressive Energy.

At this time in the Transition, the Earth plane is being bombarded by Aggressive Energy.

This energy is attempting to thwart the progress being made on the Earth plane…the progress created by the frequency transition; the awakening of Hybrid souls; and the influx of Luman onto the Earth plane.

The attempt is being made by those beings for whom a higher frequency is less desirable.  Not all being desire a higher frequency – a lighter method of living.

All this said, the presence of more Aggressive Energy actually acknowledges the progress being made and marks a turning point in the balances of influence and power.  If this were not so, there would be no need to increase the amount of Aggressive Energy on the Earth Plane.

Our message to you is:

  • Take Heart…this is simply the darkness before the dawn;
  • Stay Centered…no one can move you from your center if you do not allow it;
  • Honor Your Frequency…and knowing.  The more you acknowledge all of who you are the greater your positive impact during this time of transition,

This time, too, shall pass.

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