Living in the Moment

We, the Mountains of the World, notice you are acknowledging the challenge of ‘living in the moment’. We would like to support you in knowing that for Hybrids, this concept can be very challenging. 

It is Our opinion that ‘living in the moment’ is an artform, especially for those of you who have accepted your Hybrid self…your Hybrid uniqueness.

As a Hybrid, your question is: ‘Which location might you choose to ‘live in’ for any moment???’

A talent of hybrids is the ability to live in multiple dimensions simultaneously! Doing such and staying focused on the most dynamic of the dimensions in which you are engaged is the artform We are referring to.

Each of you has a preference.  A location you are most comfortable within which to experience a life, a living.  When you have selected a multiple dimension life iteration, you necessarily must be willing to live in each of the locations as each has its own experiential factor.

We, the Mountains of the World, ask you to notice which of the locations you have chosen you are most comfortable in…which one you prefer to focus on.  Then, notice which of the location or locations you are least comfortable.

The information inherit in your comfort provides you with insights to your intended soul experiences.

Spend some time noticing…and engaging in all of the locations!

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