Parlaying the Soul Experience

One of the many talents open to Hybrid beings is that of parlaying the soul experience simultaneously in different spacial locations. In other words, as a Hybrid being, you may have chosen to create tandem or multi-aspect soul experiences.

The choice of simultaneous soul experiences creates a richer more dynamic soul learning and, as such, also impacts the expansion of the experience landscape for all souls.

And, it creates a more challenging arena for ‘living in the moment’.

The dynamic and multifaced aspects of the choice you made creates a need for focus and practice when ‘living in the moment’.  The decision, at the soul level…of which location to be in each moment, in each experience, can be a challenge.

We, the Mountains of the World, have a few data points and tips to share with you as you engage this multi-spacial existence with awareness.

And for now, simply ponder…contemplate…consider what has occurred in your physical life experience thus far that may well have been caused by your soul decision to experience in a multi-spacial manner.

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