A Hybrid Prerogative: Multi-Spacial Experiences

So, in a moment of unlimited Soul knowing, you chose to parlay your soul experiences and learnings in your current lifetime to two or more locations – to become multi-spacial during one soul iteration.  Awesome!

Now, in your humanness, as the Earth Plane was one of your location choices, you are experiencing different – different physical iterations; different consciousness; dream times (asleep and awake) in different areas of the Universe.  And many of you think you are ‘going crazy’ as these types of different are not ‘normal’.

You are not going Crazy! And, you are not Normal! You are an awake and aware Hybrid who has chosen a multi-spacial soul experience.

Consider for a moment how some of what Humans call ‘sci-fi’ concepts are created!  Might they have been created due to Hybrid souls sharing their multi-spacial experience? 

And, if you think of those who bring the ‘sci-fi’ experience, you now become aware of some of the Hybrids who have gone before you and/or who are on the earth plane with you now.

As this is a most unique Hybrid aspect, We, the Mountains of the World, ask you to continue your contemplation – continue your experiencing – and reframe the thoughts created by both to a question…

Might this event/experience/occurrence be due to a multi-spacial soul decision?

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