Tools for Living a Multi-Spacial Experience

We, the Mountains of the World, have indicated that there exist some tools that may prove useful to a Hybrid Soul living in a physical body who has chosen a multi-spacial experience.

The tools we are talking of are:

Modality Meditation – a Meditation focused on discovering what location or modality you, the multi-spacial Hybrid experienced a particular event;

A Heightened Sense of the Content of Energy (typically described by Humans as an aura color). Expanding your sense of the content of any energy field (again – what most of you discern as an aura color) is actually information about the location you may be in and/or the location of an experience you may have had;

Listening to the Inflections of the ‘Voices in Your Head’ – Many of you can and do hear voices in your head.  You call those voices by many names.  The different voice tones and inflections represent the various spacial locations you are engaging. Many of these may be various location on Planet Earth.  They may also be beyond Planet Earth…and often are.

Notice when your Physical Body seems to be Over-Filled – this is a result of spending time in a different galaxy location that is not nearly as dense as Planet Earth.  There are very few galaxy locations that are more dense which is why We recommend you notice when you feel ‘over-filled’.  This, too, is an indication you have been spending time in a different spacial location.

Contemplate how you might use these tools to better understand your Hybrid self and your Human life!

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