Disillusioned and Disappointed – Part 1

We, the Mountains of the World, sense your frustration.  You are now awakened to the information about your Hybrid Soul DNA.  You have an awareness of all that you are and all that you came to this Earth iteration to be and become.  You sense your uniqueness and are now engaged in the value of your different attitudes and approaches to life on the Earth plane.

And yet you are feeling disillusioned and disappointed in your self and in your abilities to live as the being you are!

You are feeling somehow let down by the Universe and the All.  Somehow living your dynamic journey is not what you believe it is intended to be.

And you are Correct!  You are correct because, as We, the Mountains of the World perceive, you are not living the Hybrid life!

With all of the amazing information provided to you…your talents…your uniqueness…your decisions as a Soul to live in the Hybrid manner…you have reverted to living as if you are totally un inextricably Human!

Why?  We ask You?

You are Hybrid.  This is incredible news.  And yet, you choose to revert to Human!

Silly you…..

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