Disillusioned and Disappointed – Part 11

So, you agree.  You have been feeling disillusioned and disappointed.  You thought that becoming aware of yourself as a Hybrid would change your world…make it more dynamic and fun.  After all, one of your DNA characteristics (from the Luman side) is living in Joy!

We, the Mountains of the World, understand that this large a shift can be unsettling; it can cause even the most diligent to fall back into Humanness!

If you truly want to shake off the feelings of disillusionment and disappointment – in Self, Universe, and Us, we recommend You, the Hybrid You,

  • Re-read some of these writings;
  • Re-view how you are living your earth life;
  • Re-learn who you are as a Hybrid being and;
  • Re-fresh your commitment to being and living as the Hybrid YOU!

Using this process each time you notice yourself slipping back to Humanness; each time you notice yourself feeling let down and less than powerful, brings you back into alignment with the being you chose!

  • Re-read
  • Re-view
  • Re-learn
  • Re-fresh
  • And Re-turn to Enjoying Your Hybridness!

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