Mileposts along the Hybrid Journey

Today We, the Mountains of the World, will speak of the Mileposts to begin watching for along your Hybrid Journey.

Now that you have returned to living as the Hybrid being you came to the Earth plane in this iteration to be, you can begin to notice the Mileposts and Hinderances along your unique Hybrid Journey.

For you are on a Journey.  Hybrid beings have not been a part of the earth plane process for humans for that many iterations.  Typically, the Cosmic Plan has involved Lumans to step back into a Hybrid type existence.  This stepping up of Humans to a Hybrid existence is rather new for us all.

The Mileposts We, the Mountains of the World, recommend you begin to notice include:

  • Thinking as a Hybrid.  The best way to identify these mileposts are when you feel ‘out of sync with Humanity’!
  • Responding to an event using your Hybrid Talents.  This one is easy to recognize as you may well upset many Humans as you react in a ‘less than linear’ format and with amazing agility and talents!
  • Multi Spacial Location events.  These events, now that We have introduced you to them, are beginning to accelerate in your experience.  Know that you will eventually become comfortable with the process and trusting of the support you are being provided by the Lumans who are always in close proximity during your multi spacial experiences.

Notice these Mileposts…journal your experience…reach to The Divine/The All and your Luman support systems to begin to create greater comfort with these events.

Doing so puts you in greater alignment with your Hybrid Self…and amazing place to live an Earth plane existence!

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