Support Systems and Hindrances along the Hybrid Journey

And We, the Mountains of the World, ask…have you begun to journal your thoughts, experiences, and reluctances as you embrace the Mileposts of Your Hybrid earth experiences?  Have you followed our recommendation and engage with your support structure? 

If you are not aware, The Divine/The All required Us to ensure there were significant support systems in place for You, the Hybrid Being.  Please, connect with your support systems if for nothing more than getting to know them…the pace of change will only accelerate.  Getting to know them now is most important.

And now, on to Hinderances!

And the Hinderances We are speaking of include (and notice You are always creating them!):

  • Your reluctance to be seen as anything other than Human…boring, linear, traditional, limited, and less-dynamic Human!
  • Your reluctance to use your Hybrid talents!  Why do you think you came in with talents if not to use them??????
  • Your fear of multi spacial events and your lack of trust in the support provided to you during these events, especially when they occur in the daytime (you are much more comfortable when you are asleep!) and when in a public setting.  Do you really thin the Universe if going to let you down when you are accomplishing so much for the whole?

We ask you to consider the Milestones, Support Systems and the Hinderances.

            Track the first and Relinquish the later!

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