Another Hybrid Talent – Listening to Energy

We, the Mountains of the World, have been reluctant to inform you of additional Hybrid talents for two reasons:

  1. We are not certain you are ready to learn more about your Hybrid Self.  Some of you are rather ‘over the top’ already with the information;
  2. These latter two are very potent, especially when combined with the previous talents noted.

The first additional talent We would like to introduce is your ability to Listen to Energy!

Yes, this is not a sickness nor an aberration of your hearing.  And it is not a disease.  You have the ability to ‘hear energy’.  You know when the energy has shifted, when it is in reserve for an event or function, when it is at a higher or lower frequency (happier or sadder), and when it is listening for instruction. 

The same Cosmic Force that provides you with direction also provides Energy with its direction and ‘marching orders’.

Your ability to Listen to Energy provides you with more information about any situation or change about to happen.  As with humans who notice that animals respond before a major earth event, You can begin to consciously notice the energy shifts before a major change in your life, the life of those close to you, and the general Earth frequency.

You have been noticing this on an unconscious level and wondering if you are ‘crazy’ or what!  You are not crazy…You are Hybrid.

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