Another Hybrid Talent – Listening to Energy – Part 11

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to acknowledge and reiterate that, as a Hybrid, you connect to the Energy of the Earth and the Cosmos. 

As a Hybrid, you can understand the dialog of Energy and therefore are able to Listen to and Understand the shifts about to happen.

And yes, this talent will differentiate you from your Human counterparts more than any of the other Hybrid talents We, the Mountains of the World, have discussed thus far.

  • Listen to the Energy of the Spheres and the Earth Plane;
  • Notice how you hear the dialog of Energy;
  • Begin to understand that what you are hearing is not simply a ‘ringing in your ears’…it is a dialog you are having with Energy!
  • And begin to interpret the information!

You are Hybrid! 

  • It was Your Choice!
  • It is a Soul DNA aspect of You!
  • You have and can easily activate your Hybrid Talents!
  • Activating your Talents will create an Amazing Earth Existence;
  • Not Activating your Talents will leave you disillusioned and disheartened!


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