Connecting to Other Hybrids

We, the Mountains of the World, hear your questions…

  • How do I know who else is a Hybrid like me? 
  • How can I find others who understand the world from the same perspective as I do? 
  • How does a Hybrid connect to another Hybrid? 
  • Are the Hybrid quadrants as different from each other as Humans are from Hybrids?
  • And on and on and on!

Hybrid beings, especially Hybrid Human beings, are most unique and from Our perspective are easily identifiable.  The very fact that you are wondering how to connect to other Hybrids most likely tells Us that you are not yet comfortable in your Hybrid being-ness.

Your lack of awareness of other Hybrids is also due to the fact that the vast majority…actually, the vast, vast, vast majority of you have worked so hard at playing human that it is a bit difficult to redefine yourself after so many years (and for some, iterations) of ‘playing human’. 

Acknowledging your Hybrid self is much like ‘coming out of the human closet’.  It is a bit frightening and disconcerting.  We ask those of you most brave to live as the Hybrid you are.  In doing so, you set the stage for others to begin to live as the Hybrids they are!

What a wonderful gift!

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