Connecting through Tell-Tale Traits

Connecting to other Hybrids is easy when you begin to understand the tell-tale traits of a Hybrid being in a Human body. As many of you are just now becoming aware of your Hybridness, these traits are not lived as dynamically as they will be once you are more comfortable in who you are. And they exist nonetheless.

Typically, because Hybrids also come in an assortment of colors, shapes and sizes, the traits are:

  • And inquisitiveness about the world;
  • A lack of tolerance for the mundane;
  • A gentle approach which accomplishes a great deal;
  • The lack of a victim mentality;
  • Awareness of a connection to The All/The Divine.

This list reflects only a few aspects of a much longer list which We, the Mountains of the World, believe it to be the most telling in an Earth plane existence.

To Connect to other Hybrids:

  • Become aware of your own Tell-Tale Traits;
  • Determine which of those traits you are willing to ‘expose’;
  • Begin to show/expose/live more of your Hybridness;
  • Notice others around you with similar traits (the mirroring phenomenon) and;
  • Begin to explore the Hybrid Connection.

A Word of Caution…not all of your current friends are Hybrid.  You may wish it to be so. It is not. Being able to differentiate is a key learning at this time!

Learn the primary Hybrid tell-tale traits;

Expose your own Hybrid traits

Cautiously and Gently Connect!

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