A Confusing Hybrid Trait – Engaging and Moving On!

The next Hybrid trait we would like to share and explore is that of the Hybrid’s ability to Engage and Move On! This is one of the Hybrid traits that most distinguishes a Hybrid and that simultaneously creates the greatest challenge for Hybrids to ‘fit into’ a Human world.

This trait is also the most likely to have created a distance between You, as the unaware and unawake Hybrid, and your Human counterparts; a distance that was uncomfortable and nearly impossible to control.

Hybrids by nature (and, as always, the degree of Luman Soul DNA determines the degree to which this statement is accurate) totally delight in new experiences.  They love to:

  • Engage a situation;
  • Explore, Experience and Learn all they ‘need’ from the situation (or person, or event, etc.); the ‘need’ determined by the Hybrid psyche;
  • And then move on to the next situation!

In a Human world, this can appear as very:

  • Non-committal;
  • Inconsistent;
  • And Unreliable.

In fact, Hybrids are none of these things! Hybrids simply love to explore.  Within the Hybrid psyche, there is no connection between the love of exploring and the ability to commit.  And yet, it often appears as such in a Human world where consistency and commitment is highly valued!

More in a Mountain Moment…

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