A Confusing Hybrid Trait – Engaging and Moving On! (2)

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to reinforce the joy derived by a Hybrid in allowing their natural instinct for engaging and moving on. 

We have watched many of you limit the areas you have chosen to ‘explore’ – exploring only those you perceive to be of high, high interest and therefore hopefully longevity – in an effort to appear more Human; in an effort to restrict your natural inclinations to engage many experiences.

We highly encourage those of you who are willing to be the Hybrid you are to, as much as possible:

  • Engage
  • Explore
  • Experience
  • And Move On!

By allowing your Hybrid self to live life in this manner, you will increase your awareness of life as well as your natural joy.

And, with this recommendation, We would like to also add a few tips on how to live life in this manner while still appearing as a rather ‘normal Human’.

  1. Engage and explore without a great deal of ‘fanfare’ or ‘sharing’;
  2. Develop an ‘Engagement Timeline’ which connects those areas you desire to learn about in a progression of events that are ‘understandable to Humans’. (Your normal is to simply engage as it comes to mind…this process takes just a bit more planning;
  3. Engage, explore and experience in a manner that does not leave a ‘hole’ in the experience for others, especially Humans, when you are ready to disconnect;
  4. Disconnect and move on quietly with an explanation that is understandable by the Humans who you have been interacting with in the experience.

Living as the Hybrid you are, engaging your natural inclinations, even if it is to a lesser degree than you might like, is much preferred to limiting yourself overall.

Enjoy your Hybrid Self and Your natural inclination to Engage and Move On!

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