Integrating Your Hybrid and Human Aspects!

We, the Mountains of the World, do not want to be remiss in discussing how best to integrate the Hybrid aspects of yourself and the Human aspects of yourself.

We have been spending the vast majority of our communication on assisting you in understanding the Hybrid aspects of the Hybrid you…aspects which have caused you a degree of consternation and have distanced you from Humanity.  Knowing these aspects is of importance in your living as the Hybrid you came to be.

That said, it is also important to integrate the Human aspects of You with those Hybrid aspects of You!

Your ability to integrate these distinctly different parts of yourself will depend to a large degree upon your unique mixture of Human and Luman Soul DNA and your Evolution level.  A smaller percentage of Luman Soul DNA can make it much easier to live with the various aspects of yourself while a large percentage of Luman Soul DNA can make living in a Human world quite challenging as you most likely relate most with the distinctly Hybrid aspects of yourself.

This integration is unique to each of you and therefore not a process We can outline.

And, that said, We can share how the most successful of you seem to be creating and living the integration.

  • You have accepted the reality that you are not ‘normal’ or ‘totally human’;
  • You have developed appropriate, healthy, dynamic coping mechanisms to honor your Hybrid Soul DNA while surviving nicely in a Human world; 
  • You also honor the need for Humans, even if they are trying at times;
  • You do not express a need to be unique.  Rather, you allow your Hybrid insights and observations to be silly or funny or ‘off the wall’, thus allowing you to live as your Hybrid self while ‘fitting in’;
  • And finally, You spend quiet alone time – whether called meditation or contemplation – connecting to the Hybrid aspects of yourself and living into them!

We acknowledge and honor each of you…and recommend you accept and integrate these differing aspects of yourself in a manner conducive to a joyful life.

In Joy – EnJoy!

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