A Gathering of Hybrids

We, the Mountains of the World, have heard many of you wondering how you can connect, as your physical self, with the Hybrids living in your physical earth proximity.

This is not as daunting nor easy a task as you might imagine.

If you are connecting to your Hybrid aspects, those attributes of you which relate to your Luman Soul DNA, you are already sending out the beacons of energy to connect you to other Hybrids in the close physical Earth proximity and close ‘Hybrid grid’ proximity to you, the Hybrid.

Connections between Hybrids are occurring and accelerating as the frequency shifts of the Earth plane continue.  Many of these connections are being made during what you refer to as ‘sleep time’ – the period in your day when you are more connecting to the greater self…your expanded and intuitive self.

Once the connections are made in dream time and intuitive knowing time (Our term, not yours), then what you would define as the physical connection begins. 

For those of you who have foregone the Human trait of patience for the Hybrid trait of expansiveness, you will find connecting during meditation and contemplation time will enhance the timeline for physical Earth connection.

For those of you who retained the Human trait of patience, you simply need to know the connections are occurring and to be awake and aware during interactions with individuals.

It is in the best interest of The All/ The Divine for the physical Earth interactions to occur…and thus they will!

  • Intending Interactions;
  • Meditating and Contemplating these Interactions;
  • Being Aware and Awake during Interactions with a focus on Unique;
  • And following up on Interactions with Possibilities!

These are your steps to connecting with other Hybrid Souls!

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