A Gathering of Lumans

We hear many of you asking… What about the Lumans? If the frequency transition is occurring and Hybrid Souls are being asked to awaken and become aware of their uniqueness and knowing; of their talents and impact on Humanity as this transition occurs; when are the Lumans going to join the Earth plane and how are they going to support all beings on the Earth plane during this frequency shift?

You are asking a very good question and We, the Mountains of the World, would like to provide some information on this process.

As We have indicated, when all is in place, about 5% of what appears to be humanity walking on the Earth plane will be Lumans.  These are highly evolved souls who have agreed to significantly lower their frequency to be able to inhabit a human body during this time frame.  We have also noted that the Luman and the Human Soul whose body they will be inhabiting have had the agreement from before the Human entered the Earth plane for this iteration.  A Human Soul can ‘renege’ on the agreement, and that is not anticipated to any high degree.  If it does, there are what you would call ‘back-up’ plans.

Lumans are beginning to migrate to the Earth plane as we communicate this information. 

They are beginning to arrive due to the fact that You, the Hybrid, are becoming awake and aware.  Without You as the interface with Humanity, their existence on the Earth plane would serve very little purpose.

As an aware Hybrid, We ask you to stay alert for individuals physically appearing very Human while simultaneously creating an energy feeling of Joy and Light!  This is the best indicator that you may be connecting to, communicating with, and in the presence of a Luman.

When you innately feel a being exuding Joy and Light, pay attention to what they communicate – both in the physical (through their words, actions and deeds) and telepathically (directly to your thoughts). 

Lumans are among you!

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