The Evolution of a Hybrid Soul

We realize it may be beneficial to step back a bit and provide some additional background for many of you.  We were so excited when the time came to finally share a bit about who you are, why you have felt the way you have, and your unique gifts that We may have missed some information elements.

Specifically, the evolution of a Hybrid Soul!

Each of you have progressed through the Soul evolution process.  To best explain this process, it seems wise to compare the Soul Evolution Continuum to the Education Continuum currently in place on the Earth plane.

Specifically, as a Soul, you did not encounter your first iteration beyond the cosmos as an evolved being.  Education/Experience/Practice are all parts of the Soul Evolution Continuum.

  • Each iteration on any of the Soul Evolution locations (one of them being the Earth plane) provides the Soul with necessary experiences and opportunities to evolve. 
  • During some of the iterations you, as a Soul, took advantage of the opportunities and grew…
  • During some of the iterations, you, as a Soul, appeared to ‘unlearn’ or regress.
  • And yet, as a Soul, you continued to reapply yourself for your personal evolution and for the greater good. 
  • And the Soul Evolution Continuum continued.

We liken this evolution to the Earth Education Continuum. 

More in a Mountain Moment!

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