Comparing Continuums

Let Us now continue our discussion on the Soul Evolution Continuum as We compare it to what you know as the Earth Education Continuum.

You entered the Earth Education Continuum as a new born child, progressed through infancy to what you call the ‘terrible twos’; on to pre-school; kindergarten and through the continuing education process you know as ‘grades.’

Some fall back; a few are pushed ahead; the vast majority march through the system as the education levels progress.

Nearly all complete the first grouping of grades.  In fact, the ‘education’ level on the Earth plane at this point in time is the highest it has been during what you would call recorded history.  There was a time that We can remember where only highly evolved Beings inhabited the Earth plane.  That time passed may millennium ago. 

The Earth plane is now considered one of the primo evolution locations as more can be experienced and more progress can be made on the Earth plane than most Soul development locations. The Earth plane is also one of the most challenging and therefore has one of the highest failure rates.  Therefore, the balance!

As We compare the Soul Evolution Continuum to the Earth Education Continuum, several significant differences occur for us to mention.  Specifically,

  • A ‘school grade’ typically takes only one ‘school year’.  Not so for the evolution process.  It may take many, many iterations to progress one ‘soul grade’;
  • The Earth Education system is much more linear than the Soul Evolution process.  While most Earth school students progress rather linearly, a Soul progression often results in significant development in one area while another area is significantly under-developed.
  • While the Earth Education system is highly structured and one school is pretty much the same as the next, Soul Evolution can vary widely, particularly as different locations are an option with each location having specific strengths and weaknesses for the evolution process …thus creating unique and non-comparative evolution processes.

With this comparison of Continuums, We, the Mountains of the World, would like to compare the types of learning on the Soul Continuum.

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