The Soul Evolution Learning/Experiencing Continuum

First, let Us remind you that if you are finding this information of value, you are, at least, an advanced Soul…and, at best a Hybrid.  This is important as you may choose to share what you are gleaning from these communications.  Be aware that what makes sense to you – resonates with you – will not necessarily resonate with MOST!

This information only resonates with Highly Advanced Souls, and truthfully, with Hybrid Soul DNA beings!

Back to the Soul Evolution Continuum….

As in school, each school year has different topics and areas of study.  And, the studies in each year generally are built upon in the next year. And so it is with the Soul Evolution Continuum.

We would like to refer to a magnificent understanding of the Soul Continuum which you know as Maslow’s Hierarchy.

This pyramid of human motivations or needs as communicated by Maslow is a very good representation of the Soul Evolution Continuum. 

From bottom to top, consider the young Souls at the bottom and the Highly Advanced Souls at the top or the two top segments – the Soul Evolution aspects of Self-Actualization and Self-Transcendence.

Also, from bottom to top, the pyramid shape provides you with a globally accurate visual of the percentage of Souls in each of the different sections.  The vast majority of Souls, at this time in the history of the Cosmos, are in the early processes of Soul Evolution.  

And thus, the need for you, the Highly Advanced Soul with Luman Soul DNA, to begin to understand all that you are and all you came to experience and support!

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