Soul Evolution is Not Linear

We have shared the Soul Evolution continuum and how it is well represented by the hierarchy of human psychology needs.  We have even used the term continuum.

Let Us, the Mountains of the World, be very clear on the actual process of Soul Evolution.

Each soul, before entering what We know as a ‘Soul Iteration’ – an experiencing on a planet or location for soul growth (such as Earth) – determines the experiences they desire for their Soul growth.  This group of experiences is reviewed by those overseeing soul development for the greater good to ensure no soul is stretching too far or expanding beyond their growth thus far.

All of that said, the Soul Evolution Continuum is not linear!

Nothing a Soul does is linear…A Soul’s process is absolutely and delightfully non-linear!

Comfortably living in a non-linear, less-than-predictable and decidedly fragmented experience is one of the hallmarks of every Soul.  Being able to do such during an iteration at a location committed to linear thinking is one of the traits of a Hybrid being…a Hybrid Soul.

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