Soul Evolution is Non-Linear

Time is not linear at the soul level.  You, as a soul in a human body, have developed many linear processes – such as time and growth and evolution.  It is the Human way to keep life as predictable as possible. And yet, even in the simplest of things such as earth education, your system is now acknowledging that some humans progress faster in one area of study than in another. 

This difference in development is within a system that strives to bracket each ‘grade’ with a certain level of development for the group at large.

Imaging a system (the Soul Evolution Continuum) that only has a list of experiences desired for each and every soul to experience.  Within that system there is no linear outlining of how a soul must interface with the experiences nor are there any rules about where (which planetary/star system location) the soul must obtain that experience. 

When We, the Mountains of the World, reference a soul being at a particular ‘e’ level (evolution level), We are referring to the ‘mastery’ level achieved for the vast majority of the soul experiences.  This means there are some experiences which the soul has not mastered in their primary ‘e’ level.  And, the soul may have achieved mastery of other experiences well above their primary ‘e’ level.

Thus, the Soul Evolution Continuum is not linear.

A Note: Your ability to comfortably consider and live outside a linear process is one of the traits of a Hybrid Soul.

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