The Opportunity to be a Hybrid Soul

We, the Mountains of the World, want to make certain that you, the Hybrids of the Earth Plane, fully understand how you came to be a hybrid soul.  It is not a happenstance.  Rather, it is due to two major factors.

  1. Significant Soul Evolution.  A Soul must be at the ‘e’ Master level (Self-Actualization level on the Maslow Hierarchy) or the ‘e’ PHD level (Self-Transcendence on the Maslow Hierarchy). And, as We stated in our last communication, this is the level of overall experience mastery for the Soul…not of mastery of all soul experiences (the Soul Mastery Continuum is not Linear).
    1. A decision by the Soul to be a Hybrid – to have a mixture of Luman and Human Soul DNA. Once a Soul has achieved these levels of mastery of soul experiences, they are offered the opportunity to possess both Human and Luman Soul DNA.  The decision is unique to each iteration (what you would call a lifetime) and to each Soul.

The decision to be a Hybrid Soul is not a decision made lightly. 

Each decision (your decision) considered several aspects:

  • The experiences you as a Soul were looking to further master;
  • The location of this iteration (lifetime);
  • The frequency level and fluctuation intended for the location during the time of your iteration;
  • The success of your last soul experience (iteration/lifetime);
  • And Your Soul’s intention!

You took the opportunity to be a Hybrid Soul!

You, as a Soul, fully acknowledged the responsibilities, challenges and opportunities that came with choosing to be a Hybrid Soul!

Thus, the Universe, The Divine/The All, is looking to You to live as a Hybrid Soul!

***A Note from the Mountains of the World…We highly recommend some of you read the small print the next time you made this or any other decision of this significance as a Soul.  Our perception is that some of you simply ‘signed on the dotted line’!

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