A Hybrid Skill – Living with Ambiguity and Non-Sense!

During Our past communications, it occurred to Us that one of the traits or skills of a Hybrid Soul that We have not yet mentioned is the ability to live with ambiguity and non-sense. 

The definition We are using for non-sense is something that does not make sense from the perspective of linear processing and/or consistent connectivity.  A ‘non-sense’ might be the individual who has an incredible ability to solve the most difficult of algebraic equations and cannot spell the simplest of words…non-sense! With this non-sense come the ambiguity of the scenario as it relates to ‘how could this have happened!’.

If you have been absorbing (Humans would call it reading) these communications and have had difficulty following the flow it is likely due to the fact that you have been absorbing these communications through your human thought processes. A switch to your Hybrid thought processes will allow you to absorb the communications without a need for a linear or sensical description.

Luman Soul DNA does not have difficulty with matching ‘mismatched’ aspects.  As a Hybrid, you have Luman Soul DNA.  Therefore, when you switch to that aspect of yourself, the ability to connect that which is appears to your Human Soul DNA as mismatched aspects becomes not only possible to consider…it makes sense.


  • As a Hybrid, you can make sense out of non-sense;
  • As a Hybrid, you can find joy in ambiguity;
  • As a Hybrid, you can create solutions not previously considered by aligning aspects previously considered mis-matched.

And, with your Human experiencing, you can then translate your non-sensical, ambiguous, mis-matched solutions-thinking in a communication format that is understood and most likely accepted by Humans.

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