Listening to Lumans

We, the Mountains of the World, realize that many of you are not aware of OR don’t want to be aware of the manner in which Lumans communicate.

As a refresher, you can feel free to reframe a ‘Luman’ as an Angel, a departed Soul, an Alien, an Extraterrestrial or simply an Illuminated Being (Our favorite).

Lumans communicate via thought forms.  Thought forms transform themselves into various modalities of perception, depending upon your skills as a Hybrid or as an evolved being…

  • You may hear the information directly (which We perceive is what the vast majority of you desire). The spirit realm considers this ‘Direct Communication’.
  • You may find yourself taking actions or considering actions that you were not aware you had not been contemplating.  The spirit realm considers this ‘Responsive Communication’ as it is in response to a thought you have pondered or a question you have asked ‘The Realm’ directly.
  • You may find yourself reliving experiences in your mind, particularly highly emotional experiences.  The spirit real considers this ‘Comparative Experience Communication’. We recommend you contemplate how these memories may relate to a current situation.
  • You may find yourself in a highly emotional state (typically negative) with no reason for it (per you).  This is most likely due to your Unconscious YOU telling your Conscious YOU to ‘LISTEN’.  The spirit realm considers this ‘Totally Frustrating Communication’. 
  • Or any combination of these communications forms tailored to your unique journey and experiences.

The Luman intention is to communication to you through your least human ‘hearing’ modality.

Your job is to Listen via all of the modalities.

We recommend you practice listening with many, if not all, of these modalities.

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