Listening to Lumans Continued

We, the Mountains of the World, highly recommend you begin to notice what you hear, the actions you are contemplating or taking even before you actually contemplate them, the memories that arise for no apparent reason, and the frustrations you feel.  The Lumans speak through all of these modalities.

As a reminder, the Luman Communication Modalities are:

  • Direct Communication,
  • Responsive Communication,
  • Comparative Experience Communication,
  • Totally Frustrating Communication, and
  • A Combination of some or all of the above.

A Conscious Human (no Luman Soul DNA) may be able to hear the Lumans through one of these communication modalities when they are focused with positive listening intention.

A Hybrid, whether aware or aware, is able to hear through several if not all of these modalities of communication.  And in fact, may hear through many of them at the same time.

We are bringing this information to you at this time because…

Many more Hybrids (You) are now awake and aware;

Many of you are experiencing a ringing in your ears which your medical world might call Tinnitus and is most likely persistent Lumans;

Lumans are communicating more often at this time as they are preparing to incarnate via the ‘walk in’ method and desire a great deal of connection with the Hybrids who have agreed to assist;

And the adjusting frequency of the Earth Plane is allowing the communication channels to become greater and therefore more accessible.

Which brings Us to share the communication modalities used by most Lumans. 

Please listen up!  The integration process and therefore the Earth Evolution process will be greatly assisted when you do.

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