Lumans and Soft Earth Landings

There are many roles Hybrids will be engaging during this time of transition.  The role you as a Hybrid will be engaged are the roles you have agreed to from a Soul perspective.  In the next few communications we will be discussing a few of those roles as some are quite unique.

The first role We, the Mountains of the World, would like to share is the Hybrid role of assisting Lumans in making Soft Earth Landings!

There are a select group of Hybrid beings (You) who have agreed to assist the Lumans who have chosen the ‘walk in’ approach to their entry to the Earth Plane.

The ‘walk in’ approach, as We have indicated previously, is a bit of a short-cut for the Luman.  The Luman may have had other tasks they needed to perform for The Divine/The All rather than spend time as a young human; may have spent many iterations on earth and simply did not want to process through the ‘growth’ years of a human; or have been in their own incarnation on another planet or solar system and not able to engage in this project until now.

Also, there are a group of Humans (Souls) on the Earth plane at this time who have agreed to return to Soul Space when a Luman requests the use of their earth body. A refresher of the understandings between the Luman and the Soul in a Human body are:

  • This has all been agreed upon at the Soul/Luman level;
  • There are more of the Souls in human bodies who have agreed to hold the space for Lumans who will be ‘walking in’ then there are Luman walk-in’s;
  • The selection of ‘body’ will be based upon the responsibility of the Luman and the location/personality/age/gender/and beliefs of the Human;
  • And many, if not all, Lumans will need the assistance of a Hybrid for this transition.

And therefore, the need to have a communication about soft earth landings for Lumans!

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