The Hybrid Role in Luman Landings

You are wise to ask the question – ‘What is a Soft Earth Landing’?

A soft earth landing is one where You, the Hybrid, become the Earth plane interpreter for the Luman and assist the Luman in selecting their most appropriate earth ‘body’ from those available. These are not small jobs nor are they inconsequential.

Therefore We, the Mountains of the World, would like to share some of the cosmic thinking on how best to assist Lumans as they walk into and onto the Earth plane.  The ease with which a Luman is able to settle into their Earth body will speed the transition process significantly. 

The list following is Our attempt at a road map to assist those Hybrids who have agreed to this role during the transition.

  • By enhancing your ‘listening’ you will know when a Luman has arrived and needs your Hybrid assistance.  This can be a bit overwhelming as We know, (Lumans have come to Us on occasion and their energy can be a bit challenging to integrate, even for Us!)
  • When you have adjusted to their energy frequency and they to yours, a first bit of understanding to be gleaned is their role at this Earth transition time.  Understanding their role as best you can, as some will be quite esoteric and appear convoluted to process thinking, is the second step.  We recommend you communicate with the Walk-in Luman as well as any and all other Luman/Angelic/Extraterrestrial entities whom you are comfortable communicating.
  • Once you understand the specifics of the Luman’s role, begin to craft a most appropriate body for them to inhabit during the transition.  The details of this are important and include items like age/gender/nationality/belief systems/etc…all Earth based scenarios which the Luman would most likely otherwise simply overlook.
  • While the ‘body’ is being identified, you may be asked to assist the Luman in understanding basic Human ‘protocols’ and how to deal with them.  Humans have protocols or ways of relating that are not consistent across the cosmos.  Items like deceit, jealousy, drama, emotions, fornicating, and forms of love are specific to the Human species or nearly so. 
  • Some Lumans will be well served in their roles by connecting with other walk-in Lumans.  It is for this reason that those of you who have agreed to assist with this project are located in areas where there will be groups of walk-in Lumans.  This also means you will most likely assist more than one through this process.
  • A few will request support in finding and connecting with their ‘Hybrid Team’.  Many Lumans are intended to have a Hybrid team to assist with their Earth transition.  Again, these teams have been agreed upon and are also renegotiable once all are on the Earth plane.
  • Or all of the above.

The Luman Walk-in process is about to begin. 

Many of you have been anticipating this moment.

Enjoy the process!

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