Assisting Lumans…Oh Joy!

So, you thought…because Lumans are Illuminated Beings…that assisting them would be a ‘piece of cake’!  Not!  Lumans are, indeed, Illuminated Beings.  They are also beings who, by their soul’s make up, like to take short cuts.  Therefore, they negotiated with The Divine/The All to be walk-ins.

This means they are going to require re-education regarding how the Earth plane and, more specifically, humans on the Earth plane operate. And they are going to need a ‘crash course’ as this entire transition is ‘running behind’!

We, the Mountains of the World, at the request of The Divine/The All, are bringing this information to you at this time so you have just a bit of contemplation time before the Luman walk-ins arrive. 

We recommend you:

  • Begin to meditate/communicate with your Luman contacts the differences between the Earth plane and Humans and the lands the Luman walk-ins will be coming from.  This information will provide you with the areas of focus for your Luman’s training;
  • Become comfortable with the concept of walk-in knowing fully that in this case the souls have agreed to the transfer and that the agreement will be cooperatively renewed before such transfer takes place. This is not a negative process despite how it has been described by your media.;
  • Lumans will most likely have responsibilities which require a bit if not a significant leadership role.  Thus, if the body selected for the walk-in is a wimp, the being will appear to the humans who know him/her as too different.  Begin to watch for the traits of a natural, although not national, leader;
  • Ethnicity is also a major element to the selection process as all humans are going to require guidance at some level and We understand that most humans follow what they are comfortable with…and that is often ethnicity and male gender.  There will be female leaders (settle down female Hybrids!) and accept the fact that it is not the dominate format for the current Human Earth population.  Now is not the time for making other major changes…that will come later;
  • And on it goes. 

Know that no amount of preparation will be enough, and that no preparation is ‘suicidal’ (to put it into a Human phrase).  An unprepared Luman and mismatched Luman is a detriment to the process.

The Lumans will receive their guidance…You have now received yours as it relates to assisting the Soft Landings.

Oh Joy…In Joy…En Joy!

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