Assisting Patient Lumans

Now that We have shared information on assisting impatient Lumans with soft Earth landings, We would like to talk about assisting those patient Lumans who have incarnated in the more normal fashion…as a child.

While it might look like this is an easier assignment, that is not necessarily so.

Do you remember how confused you were as an unaware and unawake Hybrid?  Do you remember the feeling that came with your statement of ‘Ah, that explains so much’ as you read and integrated our communications about Hybrid beings?

Hybrid beings have from a great deal to a very little Human Soul DNA.  Luman children have no human Soul DNA and therefore the world is a totally confusing, frustrating, and nearly unintelligible place to exist. They simply don’t fit!

As We shared about the traits of Hybrids, these patient Luman children typically have:

  • A higher than normal IQ – Intelligence Quotient.  This IQ may be just a bit above normal or off the charts;
  • A significantly high EQ – Emotional Quotient.  This is one of the differentiators from Human children.  Most Human children with high IQ’s do not have high EQ’s;
  • A significant AQ – Above Quotient!  An ‘off the chart – out of this world (literally) – beyond belief’ connection with The Divine/The All.  This is the ability to connect to the cosmos more easily than connecting to the Earth realm…the realm of Humans. 
  • And impacts you, the Hybrid, with a deep emotional connection which you may well describe as ‘hope’ and ‘peace’.

We, the Mountains of the World, know many of you can imaging the deep longing for someone who has at least a modicum of understanding of the Luman aspects of Soul DNA.  If you feel the connection to this longing, you have most likely called to assist these Luman children in their growth and becoming.

A child with this combination deserves your support and assistance.

Alignment and nurturance…even if only for a few brief moments or interaction…will make the difference for this patient Luman.

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