Assisting Humanity

You, the Hybrids of the Earth plane, have accomplished great things in a very short time.

You have begun to truly understand who you are…the value of your differences from the humans you interact with…your role with the Luman community, both the impatient and the patient. And, through your understanding of self and assistance to Lumans are feeling quite confident in who you are and in your talents.

For the small percentage of Hybrids who have been blocking their understanding of self and therefore your role in assisting the Lumans in their unique transitions to the Earth plane…they are feeling more and more disenfranchised and may well find a simple path to returning to your soul essence without a human body.  We, the Mountains of the World, remind them (perhaps You if the ‘show fits’) that simply waking up is a lot easier and not nearly as ‘soul harmful’.

In any case, it is not time to discuss assisting humanity.

We, the Mountains of the World, see this assistance in several phases.

  1. Reducing the Weirdness Factor;
  2. Elevating the Energy of Humans;
  3. Connecting with the Earth Spiritual Community;
  4. Releasing those You Cannot Impact;
  5. Staying Grounded and in Community.

We will now spend more time on each of these phases in future communications.

It is worthwhile at this time…and We highly recommend…you spend time identifying which of these will most challenge both the Hybrid you and the Human you. This awareness will allow for greater integration of the information to follow.

Ah, assisting the peoples of the Earth…a Joy and a Challenge…worthy of any Hybrid!

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