Next Transitional Phase – The Weirdness!

The Earth Plane is currently at a rather low level of transition as transitions go.

For those souls who have only Human Soul DNA or who are Human-Hybrids, defined as souls with more Human soul DNA than Luman soul DNA, this transition is experienced as turmoil.  For many, the level of turmoil is nearly beyond their ability to comfortably experience.

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to explain the next phase in the transition.  By explaining this to the Hybrid aspect of your essence, you will be prepared to assist Humans and Human-Hybrids in dealing with the next phase of the transition…the transition into Weirdness!

Imagine several of your non-Hybrid friends and you are meeting at a coffee house.  One of the souls you are meeting with has just stepped out of his/her body to make room for the Luman coming in to assist with the transition.  As you converse, you notice the difference in the individual and recognize what is occurring (although that may take even you, an advanced Hybrid several minutes).  You notice the others becoming very confused and actually a bit fearful as they too, notice the difference in the individual! 

This is the new level of ‘Weirdness’ We mentioned as the next level in the Earth plane transition.  

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